It's Time for a Change!


Like many of you, I thought I had been doing a pretty good job of purchasing clean and safe products for my family and to use in my home, selecting items that boasted 'Natural', 'Green', and 'Pure' on the labels, because surely they must be good, right? WRONG!
A number of years ago, I started reading labels on everything - cold remedies, 'natural' immune boosting supplements, detergents, room sprays, cleaners, toothpaste - and it hit me; these products, despite their fancy labels, were in fact, full of toxins. I finally decided that this CAN'T be (and isn't!!) healthy, and there MUST be healthy, natural alternatives that actually work! Enter: doTERRA.

Not All Essential Oils Are Created Equal.


With more and more people looking to make a shift to natural solutions, essential oils are gaining popularity. That's why it is so important to understand that not all essential oils are created equal. There are NO regulations when it comes to EO's, and most oils you find on store shelves, and online, are filled with synthetic perfumes, chemicals and other toxins. Yes, it may say PURE on the bottle, but only a very small amount of plant matter needs to be present in order for that claim to be true.

doTERRA Essential Oils are the most pure, and potent on the market. NO fillers, NO chemicals, NO perfumes (synthetic scents). Just pure, high quality essential oils. That's it. How refreshing is that?!?! They are even sourced from around the globe, where they have been grown and harvested in their natural environment in an ethical and sustainable way...helping provide jobs in local communities where farmers and workers earn a fair and decent wage to support their families.

You can diffuse essential oils, apply them to your skin, make safe and effective cleaning products, and it is even safe to take some oils internally (my fave is adding Wild Orange or Lemon to my water every day), without worrying about introducing chemicals into your body and home.

  • Are you stressed? There's an oil for that!
  • Do you have trouble sleeping? There's an oil for that!
  • Does your body need immune support? There's an oil for that!
  • Do you suffer from headaches and migraines? There's an oil for that!
  • Are you looking for safe and effective products to disinfect your home and office? There's an oil for that!

The list goes on and on....

Are you beginning to see why I love doTERRA Essential Oils so much?!?!!?

Since I began my journey with doTERRA, I have never looked back. My family and home are SO much healthier, and I am excited to share the benefits of these amazing oils with you!