Q: How can I increase the chance that I will receive messages? Is it better to sit in a certain area?
A: Trust us – Michelle’s personality will touch everyone in the room! So, don’t worry about where you sit or what you bring. Just come with an open heart, an open mind and trust that your Loved Ones will have joined you too.

Q: While you’re visiting our community for an event will you also be offering Private Sessions?
A: Michelle would love to personally meet with everyone that attends one of her events, however, time constraints make it difficult. All private sessions take place in Michelle's office in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Sign up for Michelle's Notification list to be notified when space becomes available.

Q: What can I expect at a Healing Communities Tour event?
A: A lot of fun, laughter and an occasional tear among 150+ of the closest friends you haven’t met. Michelle always begins the evening by sharing her story and offering a glimpse of how she delivers her messages. She then brings forward messages for random audience members with Loved Ones who have passed on. It’s entertaining, emotional and very touching.

Q: Will I be guaranteed a message when attending a Healing Communities Tour event?
A: No. However, even though you may not receive a message from Michelle during the event, if you carefully follow the messages she receives, it’s likely that some will relate in an uncanny fashion. It’s what Michelle calls a “Me Too” moment. 

Q: I can't make it to one of Michelle's events, how do I stay connected with her?
A: There are lots of ways to stay connected with Michelle! You can follow her on Facebook or Twitter, sign up for her e-newsletter to be notified of special announcements or sign up to receive Inspirations from Michelle, delivered to your inbox!