Healing Communities Tour

Michelle’s Healing Communities Events are large, 2-hour group sessions with open seating for 150+ people. The energy is high as Michelle’s bubbly personality kicks in and she shares her journey to date as a psychic medium. You’ll also get to see her deliver stunningly accurate messages from Loved Ones on the Otherside. While not everyone will get read, messages from your Loved Ones may come through in what Michelle refers to as "me too messages", leaving you with a sense of comfort and inner peace. Whether you receive a personal message or not, Healing Communities Tour Events are filled with laughter, emotion and insight.

General Seating and VIP Tickets are available for all Healing Communities Tour events!

Michelle will deliver as many messages as possible to attendees throughout the evening. Seating is not assigned. Attendance does not guarantee a reading.

The VIP Experience at this group event includes:

  • EXTRA ONE HOUR VIP Only Q&A after the event where Michelle will have a message waiting just for you!
  • Best seats in house for the Group Session
  • Exclusive Meet & Greet with Michelle & photo opportunity
  • Special gift from Michelle
  • Only 26 VIP tickets available per event