• 02/14/2014
    Losing a Loved One stays with us forever.

        Valentine's Day can be a difficult day for those who are grieving the loss of a Loved One. For some, it will be the first Valentine's Day since your Loved One has died. Remember to take the time you need to cry, to grieve, to talk, to remember. Losing a Loved... read more

  • 06/13/2013
    Let's Meet In Our Dreams Tonight

    Have you ever had a dream or vision about your deceased Loved One? I remember dreaming about my high school sweetheart a few months after his sudden passing. Quite frankly, I was angry at him for not coming to "visit" me sooner. When I saw him in the dream, I KNEW it... read more


A “sign” from Spirit in the Bathtub!


While quietly relaxing in a hot bubble bath, I quietly asked my Angels and Loved Ones on the Otherside for a “sign” and an answer to my question. Again. And Again.

Watch how they let me know they are ALWAYS with me.