If she weighed me before I went in, and then again when I left, I would have been 50 pounds lighter. What a beautiful feeling. My heart is free again and my soul is at peace with what I thought was loss. My life is different now and it is for the better. There is a bounce in my step again and every day is a blessing. I believe everyone should experience Michelle’s gift.
— Thelma A. Nova Scotia
Yes THAT really happened, and it wasn’t a dream.
The goosebumps, energy, warm fuzzies you gave me... jaw-dropping moments that left me speechless not only from my little loved one coming through, but the whole room filled with people getting messages they were looking for!
— Coralee Simpson. Facebook
OMG!!! Need I say more??? The connection that Michelle is able to achieve is almost a miracle. After my mother’s passing, I wished I could share just a few more words with her. Well, ask and you shall receive, I got more than I bargained for, I got the feeling I spent almost 1 ½ hours with her.
Thank you again for letting me live that special moment.
— Sonia. New Brunswick
I was thrilled to hear from my Dad - who made himself known in no uncertain terms! His name, his birthplace, the unusual Ford tractor grill we put on his grave...I’m so glad he liked it! Even bringing up his great-grandson’s unique name - Neptune!
What a wonderful gift you bring to the world!
— Jacqueline Fahey. Facebook
The best part of the evening was seeing the people you touched… the comfort and peace you brought them is beyond words to describe. Your warm, peaceful energy and dedication to help others is very admirable and a true gift. Thank you for sharing that with us last night.
— Ayesha. Facebook
Michelle, I don’t think there are really any words to describe your gift. Even jaw-dropping seems to be an understatement.
— Beverly Sullivan Gaudet. Facebook
Michelle is truly gifted with the ability to connect to those no longer on this planet. The level of detail she provides when doing a reading leaves no doubt that she is sharing messages from your loved ones! No matter what your beliefs are prior to meeting Michelle, you WILL have a life altering experience that will empower you. A reading with Michelle will help you rise above your grief and see the way forward. She is also a lovely, caring person and I highly recommend a private or semi-private reading.
— Denise Murphy.