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Michelle Russell

Michelle was born psychic. At the age of three, her earliest memories are of seeing her own Loved Ones on the Otherside. While Michelle blocked her abilities for a number of years, she always had a deep desire to help other people. Through her own experience with tragic grief and loss at a very young age, her diverse life path and world travels, it became clear that Michelle was being prepared for the remarkable journey that laid ahead of her.

As Michelle began sharing her work as a Psychic Medium, the response to her messages blew her away. “There’s no way you could know that!” “Your message changed my life!”

As a Medium, Michelle receives strong insights, feelings, and images, and will relate specific details such as names, dates, scents and memories. She often mimics mannerisms and distinct speech patterns and body language that clients unquestionably recognize as their Loved Ones – this all leads to deeply moving, humorous and, at times, quite colourful moments! Clients often exclaim "That is EXACTLY how he would talk! I felt like I just spent the hour with my Loved One!"

As a Psychic, Michelle helps clients gain a broader insight into their lives’ purpose; shedding light on subjects such as relationships, love, career, business and family (lottery numbers not included)!

Michelle is consistently called upon in missing persons cases and for consultation and referrals with therapists, health care professionals, law enforcement and military communities within Canada and the United States.

Through her sold out events, private sessions, upcoming book and 33+ million reach on social media it's clear to see Michelle is Canada's top psychic medium. Michelle is on a personal mission to inspire and reunite as many people as possible with their Loved Ones on the Otherside.

As a mother of two highly intuitive son’s, she works daily on being present and giving gratitude for the simple joys of our precious life.

Michelle Russell Psychic Medium Canada

Michelle's Other Pursuits

New Book Coming Soon.png

NEW! Best Selling Book

on its way!

Michelle's book is almost finished!  The book will share heart-warming stories and goosebumpy moments of this renowned psychic medium's journey through loss, grief and the Life Lessons' she's uncovered along the way. 

Michelle says "I'm writing the book I wish I had when I was grieving. A book that will make sense of all the experiences I had and the longing we have to connect with the Otherside." 

One editor described Michelle's book as "This book is EXACTLY what I personally needed to help me through my loss. I feel like I'm curled up on the couch with my best friend - who happens to be a Psychic Medium!"

You don't need to be psychic to know Michelle Russell's book will be a best seller. 

Military_First Responders.png

Commitment to Military and First Responders

Michelle works closely with Military Personnel, First Responders, Law Enforcement, Firefighters and Paramedics , and their practitioners ensuring mind-body-spirit are tended to after major incident and trauma. 

Michelle has a first-hand in-depth understanding and appreciation for first responders. She worked as a civilian in a law enforcement agency. 



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