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There are no words that can express the gratefullness I feel. You have forever changed me and saved me. The grief and guilt I was carrying was killing me, literally and physically. You are an amazing person, with an amazing gift.

— Twiyla

Zoom Online Group Reading - July 2021

Michelle! I’ve attended a few of your in person and zoom sessions - love your energy and spirit! This zoom session however had the most “omg” moments! Sooo many spot-on messages from Loved Ones.

— Andrea

Zoom Online Group Reading - Aug. 2021

Michelle, I’m so very grateful you were drawn to me in the beginning . You really have no idea how much peace that brought me. You are amazing ❤️ I’m still ugly crying . Mind blown isn’t the word.

— Trish

Zoom Online Group Reading - Aug. 2021

Yes THAT really happened, and it wasn’t a dream. The goosebumps, energy, warm fuzzies you gave me... jaw-dropping moments that left me speechless not only from my little loved one coming through, but the whole room filled with people getting messages they were looking for!

Coralee Simpson, Facebook

It was so mind blowing and heart tugging. Although I didn’t get a reading, I left feeling the love and support that my loved ones on the other side have for me. Thank you for that gift and for your energy! ♥️

— Rishma

Zoom Online Group Reading - July 2021

If she weighed me before I went in, and then again when I left, I would have been 50 pounds lighter. What a beautiful feeling. My heart is free again and my soul is at peace with what I thought was loss. My life is different now and it is for the better. There is a bounce in my step again and every day is a blessing. I believe everyone should experience Michelle’s gift.

— Thelma A.

Nova Scotia

Thank you for tonight. Receiving messages from my Husband was overwhelming for my daughter Jennifer and myself. It was such a great gift for us, and for all others that were on that Zoom call. I was able to relate to the pain and joy in listening tonight. Tonight my heart is happier than it has been in a long time.

— Donna

Zoom Online Group Reading - July 2021

The best part of the evening was seeing the people you touched… the comfort and peace you brought them is beyond words to describe. Your warm, peaceful energy and dedication to help others is very admirable and a true gift. Thank you for sharing that with us last night

Ayesha, Facebook

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