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  • Are tickets refundable?
    Tickets and private sessions are non-refundable. All sales are final.
  • Will this Zoom online group reading be recorded?
    Yes. Michelle’s Zoom Online Group Readings are recorded, however we do not distribute the full recording. Portions of the event may be posted on Michelle's YouTube Channel for viewing.
  • Who can attend?
    Anyone 19 years of age or older can attend (or 14+ accompanied by an adult), from anywhere in the world. You will just need a computer, tablet, or smartphone, and a good Internet connection to join Michelle for this LIVE event.
  • How long is the Zoom online event?
    The event will be approximately 90 minutes. Be sure to arrive a few minutes early, and Michelle’s moderator will welcome you and let you know what to expect, and answer some of your questions before the event starts.
  • Will Michelle be able to see and hear me?
    Yes! And so will the rest of the audience if you are selected for a reading. As long as your computer or phone has a microphone and camera, Michelle will be able to see and hear you.
  • Can my family and friends attend with me?
    One extra guest may join you at an Online Group Reading, as long as you are viewing from the same computer, tablet or mobile device. Each additional person that would like to attend must purchase a ticket.
  • Do I need a special program on my computer to attend?
    No. This group reading will be held via Zoom! You can join Michelle from your smartphone, tablet or computer with the link we will provide you in an email once you have purchased a ticket. Please ensure you are familiar with Zoom and the chat window. Michelle and her staff do NOT offer technical support.
  • How many people will attend?
    We typically expect 200+/- guests per Zoom Online Group Reading.
  • Will everyone receive messages?
    Michelle will deliver as many messages as possible to guests over the 1.5 hours of this Zoom Online Event, however not everyone is guaranteed to receive messages. Just like an in-person event, each guest will be able to see and hear the messages and validations of others, as they happen LIVE.
  • I did not receive an email. How do I attend the event?
    If you have purchased a ticket for the online event, and do not receive an email with access details, please send an email BEFORE the event to Also remember to check your SPAM or junk folder in case the email landed in there by mistake.
  • Can you guarantee I will connect with a Loved One?
    No. There are no guarantees you will hear from one specific person or the one specific message you want to hear. Your Loved Ones always share what you NEED to know, and they have stepped aside so you receive the information and guidance that is for your highest good.
  • I’m afraid you might tell me when my time is up. I don’t want to hear about that.
    Michelle doesn’t want to know when you’re going to die either! She strongly believes death is a contract between you and Spirit alone. Should insights into your own health issues arise in your session, Michelle will encourage you to seek appropriate medical attention.
  • How should I prepare for my session with Michelle?
    Come with an open mind and put any preconceptions aside. If you can come with a blank canvas, chances are you’ll end up with a clearer picture. As Michelle will tell you, even the quietest voices want to be heard, so it’s best to be totally at peace.
  • How long is the wait list?
    The current wait list for a Private Session with Michelle is approximately 4+ years. To be notified when appointments become available - sign up for her notification list. However, you can see her sooner at one of her in person or online events at Events Calendar.
  • Does Michelle speak French?
    Communication to and from the Otherside is truly universal and receives messages from all languages. Michelle is English speaking and delivers her messages in English only.
  • If my deceased Loved One never spoke English, how does Michelle talk to them?
    The language from the Otherside and Spirit is universal. They know that Michelle does not speak that language and they adjust their message accordingly so she can understand them - just like when infants or animals come through with messages.
  • How do I book with Michelle?
    When you sign up for Michelle's Notification list, you will be notified via email when space becomes available. All sessions are booked and pre-pay online. Sessions are non-refundable. Terms and conditions apply.
  • What types of events does Michelle offer?
    Michelle offers in-person and online events as well as Mini-Classes on Facebook! Online Events take place via Zoom. Visit the Events Calendar for a full list of upcoming events and to buy tickets.
  • Can I increase the chance that I will receive messages?
    Trust us – Michelle’s personality will touch everyone attending the event! (So, don’t worry about where you sit at an in-person group event). Just come with an open heart, an open mind and trust that your Loved Ones will have joined you too.
  • While you’re visiting our community for an event will you also be offering Private Sessions?
    Michelle focuses all her energy while on Tour on the events and resting for the next event. Sign up for Michelle's Notification list to be notified when appointments becomes available. She has a 4+ year waiting list. We recommend an Online VIP Experience if you would like a more private setting of receiving messages and the opportunity to ask Michelle a question.
  • What can I expect at an In-Person Group Event?
    A lot of fun, laughter and an occasional tear among 150+ of the closest friends you haven’t met. Michelle always begins the evening by sharing her story and offering a glimpse of how she delivers her messages. She then brings forward messages for random audience members with Loved Ones who have passed on. It’s entertaining, emotional and very touching.
  • Will I be guaranteed a message when attending one of Michelle’s Events?
    Michelle cannot “guarantee” you will receive a message. Sometimes it’s not what you want to hear… it’s what you need to hear. And it can be in the form of a “me too” message! Michelle’s In-Person VIP Events, and Online VIP Experiences are small and intimate settings where each and every guest will receive their own little “Message from Heaven”. During an Online Group Reading or an In-Person Group Event, even though you may not receive a message from Michelle during the event, if you carefully follow the messages she receives, it’s likely that some will relate in an uncanny fashion. It’s what Michelle calls a “Me Too” moment.
  • How do I stay connected with Michelle?
    There are lots of ways to stay connected with Michelle! You can follow her on Facebook or Instagram, sign up for her e-newsletter to be notified of special announcements. Tickets are non-refundable. Terms and conditions apply.
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